Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Dark Knight: Part 2

Welcome back to my ongoing review of The Dark Knight.
Let's review what we learned during the last half of the movie.
We learned that Batman hates buildings.
The police of Gotham are stupid.
The criminals of Gotham are stupid.
The citizens of Gotham are stupid.
And we learned that the Joker's plans are incredibly unfeasible, but the universe wants him to seem threatening so they work out anyway.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Dark Knight: Part 1

I believe I mentioned that I did not enjoy Batman Begins.
As such, for a very long time I refused to watch any more of the new Batman movies, reasoning that since I didn't like the first I would be unlikely to enjoy the rest.
However, enough people kept telling me that the second movie fixed all of the problems of the first that I have relented. I have now seen The Dark Knight.
It was worse.
Just in case you thought the previous film wasn't symbolic enough.
All of the things I hated about the first movie are still here and as an extra bonus they've been joined by a whole host of new things to hate.
Starting with a certain green-haired clown.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


I'm going to be fully honest and admit that I might be a little biased with this movie.
And not just because of how much I love stop motion.
This was actually the very first thing I ever watched in HD. On a 50" HDTV.
It was glorious.
But this blog is about the DVD version, so now that I've had HD for a few years, was it really that amazing?